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The Seam will be the heart of Barnsley's economy by inspiring entrepreneurs, creating talent pathways, growing our digital business networks and an innovative place to live, work and create.

Following significant growth in the last three years, the Barnsley Digital Media Centre (DMC 01) is kicking off its expansion with the creation of DMC 02. This is the very beginning of a new innovation campus in the town centre.


A place to bring people, business, education and the public sector together to benefit Barnsley. 

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DMC 01 is where we began. A home for anyone with a digital and creative business idea to start and scale their company and a collaboration space for companies wanting to do more with technology in their own business. DMC 02 will continue this, bringing larger office space, co-working membership and a makerspace lab for innovation. We’re Barnsley council enabled, putting people at the centre of our creative world.