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South Yorkshire spotlights its tech ecosystem at Climb 24 festival

TECH SY has today, Wednesday 5th June, launched its new ecosystem mapping platform, powered by


In a bid to showcase and support all ecosystem players active in the South Yorkshire region, TECH SY has partnered with Dealroom in order to track startups, investors, funding rounds, universities and much more, to ultimately get a comprehensive view of the region's tech landscape.

At their stand at Climb 24, the UK’s festival of innovation, industry, and investment, Matt Snowden, of TECH SY, said: “We’re incredibly proud to be the first region in England to partner with Dealroom and join their network of over a 100 other ecosystems globally. We believe this is the best platform to give a detailed analysis of what is happening in South Yorkshire.

“We’ve launched this at Climb, so people across the country can get a first hand experience of the platform, so please come and speak to us on the stand for a demo.


If you are a South Yorkshire-based startup, make sure you are listed on our platform. Not only are you increasing your own global visibility for future investment, but the more information we have, the stronger South Yorkshire will be.


“If you’re an investor, we’ve made it easier than ever to find potential investment opportunities in the fastest growing region for tech businesses in the UK outside of London.”

Tracey Johnson, Project Director for TECH SY, said: “The South Yorkshire Ecosystem is growing, and TECH SY is here to help scale up that growth; working with our local authorities, educators, founders, funders and all other partners to be cohesive in our efforts. We couldn’t think of a better way to launch ourselves and our new ecosystem platform than at Climb.”

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